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ChinaPeptides is famous as a -tech company in the peptide synthesis industry. We offer -quality custom peptides synthesis service with a wide variety of purity levels, scales and modifications to fit your research needs.

We are looking for talented and self-motivated professionals to join our team, who have a desire to be rewarded for their diligent efforts and successes

Qualified applicants may send resume with salary history and requirements to hr@ChinaPeptides.com . Must indicate reference job ID when applying.

The interview address: Shanghai pudong ChuanSha industrial park of sichuan macro road no. 365, no. 7 building, room 606

Bus line: line 2 and "ChuanSha" stand ChuanSha road on the transfer bus "chuan reed line" forward under sichuan exhibition road bridge in sichuan and the macro road intersection turn right the saint royal park.

Job ID: 193
Position Marketing representative
Opening 5
Recruitment time Permanent
  • using the Internet and telephone platforms maintain existing customers, develop new customers, the sales volume of the task
    2.using the Internet and telephone platforms for sales and marketing of the company's products
    3.customer quotes and production schedule follow-up, shipping and payment collection etc.
    4.peers understand and collect dynamic information and competitive products, and timely reporting
    5.customer file management
  • 1.college education, biology, chemistry, medicine, international economic and trade professionals
    2.ove sales, quick thinking, compression and strong, with strong communication skills and negotiation skills
    3. communication skills, strong adaptability
    4.outstanding graduates also. Treatment: basic salary + commission + Insurance + free accommodation + meals supplement (provided free accommodation in this post)
  • E-Mail:HR@ChinaPeptides.com

Job ID: 192
Position Buyer
Opening 1
Recruitment time Permanent
  • 1、 specialist degree or above, the chemical class related professions, a year pharmaceutical chemical enterprises reagent materials procurement experienc
    2、 there are biological reagents, amino acids, small molecules aspects of procurement experience preferred.
    3、  time tracking daily exercise alone case
    4. strong bargaining and negotiating capacity:
    4、  careful and meticulous work, efficiency, strong sense of responsibility, quick thinking, able to work under pressure.
    5、  there is good communication skills, decision-making ability and cost-consciousness;
    Job seekers do not deliver extraordinary industry 
  • E-mail:HR@ChinaPeptides.com

Job ID: 187
Position Laboratory assistant
Opening 3
Recruitment time Permanent
  • 1、college, undergraduate chemistry or biology, pharmacy related professionals;
    2、there is synthesis, purification laboratory work experience;
    3、 hardworking, motivated, hard working, team spirit persons;
    4、graduating students can;
    this job accommodation.
    Note: Please note that check e-mail interview.
    This position, based in Suzhou, Wujiang, resume themes to indicate the domicile, the current place of residence, work experience, theme Unknown resume from being viewed.
  • E-mail:HR@ChinaPeptides.com

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