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Gene Synthesis

Gene synthesis differ the oligonucleotide synthesis which is single-stranded oligonucleotides and the longest segment synthesized only about 100nt, means synthetic double-stranded DNA molecule technology in vitro, the length of the length of the synthetic range is 50 bp-12 kb. Gene synthesis is to use artificial methods of synthetic gene technology, one of the means of genetic gain, relative to obtained from the existing biological gene, gene synthesis without templates, and therefore not restricted by genetic source.

Gene synthesis definition

Humans’ first synthetic genes appeared in the 1960’s, synthetic gene is the main content of synthetic biology at present , through gene synthesis, genes does not exist in the nature can be obtained. This tech nology has opened up a new direction for the human biology. In the predictable future, gene synthesis will play a huge role in the life sciences, but in the new energy, new materials, artificial life, nucleic acid vaccine, the action of biological medicine, and other fields has been initial embodiment . Gene synthesis is also potentially could be developed into a biological weapons, and this possibility has become more prominent after several synthetic virus.

Gene synthesis has two ways, one is tailored to the gene synthesis company, the second is for a local gene synthesis. Because of gene synthesis technology has not yet been a unified method, the skills and experience in the process of gene synthesis has a decisive influence, so the gene synthesis is done in the hands of professionals, it also determines the way one is the main channel. Local gene synthesis generally need to refer to the academic articles, there are many aspects of this article. But mostly just the synthesis of individual genes, only have a limited reference value, unless in order to research the technology itself of gene synthesis. For local gene synthesis experimenter, useing the "kit" gene synthesis may be a good choice.

The advantages of gene synthesis

1 Synthesis period is short, can guarantee 100% of the sequence is correct.
2 Gene synthesis has greater flexibility, can modify enzyme loci of the genes and gene sequence, convenient downstream of the cloning and experiment.
3 The researchers can designed according to their will to get gene difficult to obtain even not exist in the nature.
4 Gene synthetic can proce codon optimization, so the gene expressed in all kinds of biological system can be well expressed.

The application of gene synthesis

1 Clone mouse antibodies or recombinant antibody.
2 Synthesis of different gene mutations, SNPS, or other mutations.
3 Design synthetic DNA> 4 Synthesis a large number of cDNA for microchip.

  • A full range of professional services - Design and optimization of sequence, gene synthesis, gene clone (standard adopts pUC57 carrier), product validation and preparation by sequencing and enzyme levels, plasmid from μg to mg (you can choose remove endotoxin service), etc.
  • Intimate project management - The project manager will responsible for your project. You will receive the project updated report every week until project completion.
  • Cycle Short and quality reliable - Synthetic length < 2 KB genes need only 2 to 3 weeks, after gene synthesis it will be proven by enzyme digestion and sequencing validation test, and sent to you after review by the quality inspection department, guarantee the accuracy of the sequence of 100%.
  • The advanced synthesis technology -The advanced technology studied by ChinaPeptides ensure that we successfully synthesis highly repetitive sequences, rich in the AT or GC special structures such as difficult sequence and replicate virulence gene not stable.
  • Special cloning strategy - Cloning strategy developed by the research and development team of ChinaPeptides can ensure that we insert the genes into any of the carrier at any specified position. Our expert will ensure that your follow-up experiments without having to consider enzyme loci.
  • Standard cloning vector for free - If you have no special requirements for cloning vector, we will put your gene cloning to the free standard pUC57 carrier, it’s MCS area contains multiple cloning sites commonly used offered for free. We usually choose EcoRV cloning as the preferred site (including restructuring to the pUC57 carrier removed of MCS area), or choose the appropriate enzyme sites according to the sequence your provided. If you have any special requirements on the site, please contact us.
  • Expression of the system optimization for free - Our biological information platform can express system according to your sequence optimization purpose, meet your special needs.
  • Leading technical support - Our leading experts will design according to the requirements of your order, and give you advice and support in the process of the project.
  • Competitive prices - Can get quotation by filling in the online or fill in the gene synthesis order and send to
  • Customer information Confidentiality - We promise the ownership of the results own to customers who provide amino acid sequences, nucleic acids or gene synthesis, and promised to results strictly confidential, will not spread to the third party in any form.
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