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Radioactive Isotope Labeling Method(RILM) is used to measure lipoprotein lipase activity(LPLA) in adipose and other tissues. Titrimetry and colorimetry, which are usually used to measure LPLA, are not sensitive or reliable enough. Therefore, RILM is first created in order to measure the LPLA accurately in China. What is more, it is also used to measure gene expression of LPLA in vitro and LPLA of mice’s heparin plasma, myocardial, adipose and liver tissue in 57℃. It uses glycerin emulsion, which contains 3H labeling olein, as substrate. After the Incubation Reaction among sample and substrate in 37℃, glyceride and free fatty acid are separated by extraction. The radioactive activity of free fatty acid which produced from steatolysis has positive relationship with activity of lipase in sample. 293A cell, which infected by recombinant adenovirus for the expression of lipoprotein lipase shows high level of LPLA in heparin nutrient solution.The data of LPLA in 5 mice’s heparin plasma, myocardial, adipose tissue shows 314. 3U/L, 349 and 61mU/g respectively, which indicates that RILM is sensitive, accurate and stable in lipoprotein lipase gene expression. RILM in myocardial tissue sample of mice provides a series of information for the further study in lipoprotein lipase.

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