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Prokaryotic proteins purification services

Prokaryotic protein expression

Our company has Successfully builded a complete variety of protein expression technology platform: including the prokaryotic protein expression and purification, expression and purification of yeastprotein, expression and purification of protein which from insect cells, expression and purification of proteins from mammalian cells. According to customer needs, we can offer one-stop services which comprise gene synthesis, vector, gene expression, protein purification, detection and other . Our company has established a strict quality control system and a set of perfect customer service processes, confidentiality system to ensure that customers would get the quality products and services Our team has very rich experience in optimizing gene codon and expression vector design and construction, integration of objects and tags selection, specific protein purification system selection, protein production process optimization and so on. we canmeet the needs of individual customers.

Expression and purification of prokaryotic protein

prokaryotic protein expression is that interest proteinwhich come from the plants, animals, microorganisms is inserted into an appropriate expression vector ,and then introduced into Escherichia coli to obtain the large amounts of protein. This approach was used for protein purification, localization and function study . Escherichia coli is cultivated easyly,and the experiment has consumed less ; we can choose a variety of strains of Escherichia coliand the matched Plasmids which have a variety of characteristics. prokaryotic protein expression system isthe mature and reliable protein expression systems. our services charges according to the steps,you can choose any of the following steps to start the experiment or only choose one of the single step, please contact us.

For the early molecular biology techniques and services, please refer to the relevant content.
Service features:
1, one stop solution, from the gene synthesis to protein expression and purification, to complete your experimental design.
2,matureand stabletechnique, complete method .
3, efficient production time.
Service of Prokaryotic protein expression (coli E.) content:
1, gene synthesis,
To provide customers: synthetic genes and sequencing.
Time: 1~2
2, vector construction (the design and construction of vector, integration of objects and the selection of tags).
We can amplify and extract the expression plasmid. The expression plasmid was transformed into a highly efficient coli E. expression strain. At least one positive clone was selected to amplify and induce the expression of target protein in LB culture medium. We give the electrophoresis, the expression of target protein isolates, and monoclonal strains suitable for the expression of target protein.
To provide customers:strains for recombinant plasmid expression and expression detection report.
Time: 1~2 weeks
3, cultivation of recombinant bacteria by shake flask, induced expression of target protein.
By AffinityChromatography, Ion Chromatography , Gel chromatography and so on ,the expressed recombinant protein was purified .
We can remove the Tags by the application of Protease, and then target proteins are obtained .We will check the results of each test and control the quality of the final product through SDS-PAGE electrophoresis .
Through the Western-blot , we verify target protein is right or not .
We can provide customers: purified target protein , report ,tag (Tag) or the final protein which has removal of the tag (Tag) . the purity will be more than 95%.
Time: 2~3 weeks
4, large-scale protein preparation.
Optimization of protein production process
Customer: qualified target protein and service report.
Time: consultation
5, renaturation ofprotein
minimum of target protein was renaturated with different refolding buffer system for customer to detect. According to customer requirements, a small quantity of refolded protein could be preparated according to the renaturation condition of one kind of sample.We can provide the renaturation buffer and renaturation process specific formula. Other: sterilization, freeze-drying and further processing.
With the quality of detection of target proteins.
Customer: the final products after processing and related experiments and test report.
Time: 1~2 weeks
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