Peptide Arrays

Peptide Arrays

As a high-throughput research tool, peptide array is novel biochip, on which hundreds and thousands of specially designed peptides are synthesized in situ on specially processed high dense matrix (i.e., glass or filter paper, etc) by automatic robots. Using this biochip, scientists can reveal the secret of protein-protein interactions more effectively.
Chinapeptides offers an extremely quick and cost-efficient custom peptide array service to satisfy your further demand in route of new drug development. Based on our advanced peptide array platform, we can also provide comprehensive downstream services such as eptiope mapping. If you need up to milligram scale or more of guaranteed purified peptides (purity up to 95%) for your assay or proteomics applications, you may also choose our rapid and high-throughput peptide library services.

Polypeptide array technology platform Polypeptide array synthesis principle
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Pep-Hit Advantages
Key features of Peptide Array Technology(ChinaPeptides):
1.High density and high throughput. Tens of thousands of proteins-polypeptide biochemical reactions can be determined simultaneously.
2.High Specificity. Mechanism of protein binding can be deeply revealed by accurate positioning of specific antibody epitope and protein binding regions.
3.Low cost, short cycle and simple operation.The cost of "peptide array chip" is a hundredth of biological culture.
4.Accuracy and reliability: stable purity, clear result and easy to analyze.

The Major Feature of Peptide Array:

  • High-Denity and High-Throughput.
  • High Specificity
  • Low Cost,Rapidity and Easy Operability.
  • Accuracy,Visibility and Easy Analysis
  • No cross-contamination: Peptide synthesis is performed by automated instrumentation.
  • Comprehensive modifications: Our modification services include biotin, FITC, phosphor, etc.
  • Instant online quotation: Convenient online submission of your peptide array requirement.


  • Antibody epitope mapping
  • Protein-protein, enzyme-substrate, and receptor-ligand interactions studies.
  • Phosphorylation studies.
  • B-cell epitope mapping.
  • Binding and functional assay studies.

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