Peptide Libraries

Peptide Libraries

     Peptide library is a systematic combination of different peptides in large number. It is widely used in drug screening, target validation, epitope mapping, vaccine development, and structure-activity studies. There is an ever increasing demand from large pharmaceutical companies due to the expanding interest in peptide drugs. Chinapeptides peptide library services feature all attributes of proprietaryFlexPeptideTM technology, which has materialized into a rapid high-throughput parallel peptide synthesis platform that enable our customers to synthesize larger quantities of high purity peptides at lower cost than traditional methods.

     Chinapeptides' peptide library services provide flexible selections of peptide purity levels (crude,desalt, >70%, >75%, >80%, 85%, >90%, >95%, and >98%). Each peptide in the library undergoes rigorous quality control to avoid any cross contaminants before delivery. All purified peptides are delivered with complete QC data including RP-HPLC, MS report to ensure high quality. To meet the growing demand for high-throughput peptide library screening, Chinapeptides has launched the Peptide Library Service, Which is a proprietary peptide synthesis platform utilizing Fmoc chemistry to facilitate enhanced high throughput peptide screening platforms. Large numbers of peptides can be synthesized, and lyophilized in parallel and delivered in a customizable format for an affordable price. All peptide QC is monitored by a stringent Total Quality Management System. In addition, Chinapeptides provides an instant peptide library online quotation system to offer you further efficiency and convenience.

Key Features:

  • Low Cost, Rapidity and Easy Operability
  • Accuracy, Visibility and Easy Analysis
  • Competitive prices: Our peptide library services are the cost-efficient on the market, starting from $19/peptide.
  • High-throughput: More than 10,000 peptides per month.
  • Flexible purity choices: Crude, desalt, >70%, >75%, >80%, 85%, >90%, >95%, and >98% purity are available to meet your multiple demands.
  • No cross-contamination: Peptides are supplied in individual well labeled vials.
  • Comprehensive modifications: Our modification service includes labeling, the incorporation of unnatural amino acids, and peptide cyclization with disulfide bridges.
  • Stringent quality control: Chinapeptides provides MS and HPLC validation data for each peptide.
  • Instant online quotation: Conveniently submit your peptide library requirement through online system.
  • One-stop down-stream services: Chinapeptides provides epitope mapping service, binding assay, and functional assay services for your drug discovery research.


Antibody epitope mapping and validation

Protein-peptide binding assay

Peptide biological assay

T-cell epitope discovery

T-cell epitope mapping and validation

Peptide vaccine development

Vaccine efficacy testing

Immune monitoring

Optimization and validation of T-cell assays

Cell therapy approaches


Service Specifications:
To meet the different purity demands for multiple applications, we have developed two library service packages: Crude and Purified Peptide Library. The specifications of the two library services are:
Crude Peptide Library

  • 1-4 mg ( 5-9 mg, 10-20 mg are also available) for each crude peptide
  • Peptide length of 5-20 AA
  • Certificate of Analysis, RP-HPLC(optional) and mass spectrum for each peptide
  • Modifications including biotin, fluorescence, and unnatural amino acid etc.
  • 1-2 weeks typical turnaround time
  • Minimum order size is 48 peptides

Purified Peptide Library

  • 1-4 mg for each peptide
  • Purity: Choice of >70%, >75%, >80%, 85%, >90%, >95%, and >98% by RP-HPLC
  • Peptide length of 5-20 AA
  • Certificate of Analysis, RP-HPLC and mass spectrum for each peptide
  • Modifications including biotin, fluorescence, and unnatural amino acid etc.
  • 2-3 weeks typical turnaround time
  • Minimum order size is 48 peptides

Delivery Specifications
The typical delivery consists of:
Lyophilized unbound peptides in individual fully labeled vials
MS and HPLC data

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