General Information

General Information

All products are sold for experimental use only and are not for drug or clinical use. Users are responsible for their compliance with the Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act We can not be responsible for damages arising from misuse of any product.

We guarantee the purity and content of our products according to the results of the analytical data sheet. In case of a complaint, our products can only be returned with our approval.

We will always attempt to offer the high quality products at the possible price. We are confident you will find our prices competitive and our quality superior.

We warrant materials to be of the stated quality at the time of sale. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to determine the adequacy of all materials for any intended or specific purpose or use. Warranty extends to the primary buyer only.

 Peptide Storage
Peptides are delivered in lyophilized form and often hydroscopic. Absorption of water will decrease stability of the peptide and may reduce overall peptide content.
For results, please note:
---Maintain a dry environment and use a desicator.
---For storage, peptide should be kept frozen at -20℃ for maximum stability.
---Peptides containing Trp, Met, Cys, Asn or Gln have limited lifetime. Long-term storage is not recommended.

Different peptides will have different solubilities, based on the content of the peptides. As a general rule, peptides should first be dissolved in distilled, preferably sterile water, If solubility still remains a problem, try the following steps:
---Dissolve peptides in an appropriate buffer: acidic peptides or proteins in basic buffer and basic peptides in acidic buffer. If necessary, the solution can be sonicated briefly.
---It is also recommended that the peptide be dissolved to the high possible concentration, and then diluted with water or buffer to the working concentration.
---Peptides containing Trp, Met or Cys require special care to avoid oxidation. Oxygen-free water or reducing agents can be used.

 Preparation for Use
When preparing the peptide for use, please observe the following steps to maintain peptide quality:
--Warm up the peptide to room temperature prior to opening and weighing out portion of the peptide.
--Weigh out desired quantity of peptide quickly then reseal vial tightly.
--Store the remaining peptide in freezer, preferably below-20℃ and under dry conditions


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